What is CELTA?

CELTA is an abbreviation for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This is a qualification provided by Cambridge University’s Cambridge English, one of the three examination boards of Cambridge University.

Is Cambridge English different than Cambridge University?

Cambridge English is an extension of Cambridge University and is tasked with examinations and the issuance of certificate programs for educators (CELTA, DELTA), along with assessment programs for learners.

How will I know my CELTA certificate is real?

A Cambridge English CELTA Certificate will begin with: “University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations” or “University of Cambridge Language Assessment”

CELTA, TEFL, and TESOL Why are there so many certificates? What is the difference?

Where one studies matters and in the English education world. There are two names which matter most (because these programs are trusted in ensuring graduates are well trained in the proper pedagogical technique requirements. The two names are: CELTA (offered by the University of Cambridge) CertTESOL (offered by Trinity College)

CELTA vs other certification programs

• CELTA is an internationally recognized certificate
• Developed by Cambridge University’s Cambridge English ( at trust name with proven results)
• There are a limited number of schools which are certified to offer Cambridge English programs
• The CELTA program was created to assist candidates with little or no background knowledge as a language educator, through an intensive
training program with a clearly defined rubric.

Is CELTA really that much better than other certificate programs?

For many schools around the world, CELTA is the only certificate they accept. CELTA is the minimum qualification and this can be the difference between being hired or not getting the job.

Where can I teach after completing my CELTA?

Candidates who successfully complete their CELTA studies with a pass grade (or higher) can work anywhere in the world. Some work remotely from home, while others move and live abroad (Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America). A CELTA certification can provide many opportunities for candidates to work globally.

What does the CELTA program entail? What is the format of the course? How many hours is CELTA? Who teaches the CELTA Course?

• Face to face training in a real classroom, by qualified teachers who hold a master’s or level 7 qualification (DELTA)
• Onsite or online (choice is yours)
• Written assignments / homework
• Teaching practice which is assessed by qualified teachers
• CELTA Teacher to CELTA trainees have 120 hours of direct contact time:
- Consultation & tutoring
- Lesson planning supervised by CELTA trainer
- Total of 6 hours of assessed training by CELTA trainer
- Feedback by trainer on teaching practices
- Observations by peers on teaching practices through observations
- Six hours of directed observations by an ELT professional, three of which maybe video recorded.
- Allow for an additional 80 hours of learning, pre course reading, research, lesson planning, and record maintenance.

What are the written assignments?

On a CELTA course, a trainee writes 4 written assignments. The word count for each assignment is 750-1000 words.

What does a typical schedule look like?

What does the CELTA course cover?

• The CELTA syllabus covers 5 main topics:  
• Learner and teachers and the teaching and learning context;  
• Planning and resources for different teaching contexts;  
• Language analysis and awareness; 
• Language skills reading listening speaking and writing; 
• Developing teaching skills and professionalism. 

What are the input sessions about/encompass?

They are training sessions delivered by the course tutors. There are 30+ input sessions that cover the 5 aforementioned topics. In input sessions, trainees learn how to manage the classroom, plan lessons effectively, analyze language, deal with errors and feedback, how to teach language skills and systems. There are also input sessions that cover other areas such as teaching business/exam English and teaching young learners.

How many observed lessons does a trainee teach? 

The number of lessons (TPs) varies from a center to another, however, a trainee on a CELTA course teaches 6 observed hours. Most centers have an 8-TP scheme (8 lessons X 45 minutes.) The number of lessons may vary, but all trainees on a CELTA course teach 6 observed hours.

How many lessons does a trainee observe?

There are 2 types of observations in CELTA: Experienced teachers: A trainee observes experienced teachers (6 hours) and writes an observation report/task on each lesson. Observing other trainees: A trainee observes the lessons taught by other trainees to discuss them during the feedback session.

How many tutors observe the trainees teaching?

A tutor will observe a trainee for the first half of the course, and then another tutor observes for the second half.

What is a self-reflection form?

A self-reflection form is what a trainee writes after each observed lesson. A trainee needs to be objective and state what went well, what did not go so well, and how to address the action points.

Is there feedback on the teaching practice?

Yes. After each lesson there will be oral and written feedback. The feedback details the strengths and action points of the trainee and suggestions on how to develop.

Is attendance mandatory?

Yes. A trainee must attend 100% of the course to qualify for a certificate.

What do trainees need to prepare for each lesson?

What do trainees need to prepare for each lesson?

Who am I going to teach?

Trainees in a CELTA course teach adult learners.

Who are the course tutors?

The course tutors are qualified and experienced teacher trainers who all hold Cambridge Delta and have been through a training program designed by Cambridge specifically for CELTA Tutors. Tutors are assessed by Cambridge Assessment on a regular basis to maintain the high standards.

Do the face-to-face CELTA and Online CELTA have the same accreditation?

Yes. They are both equally accredited. The syllabus, TPs, written assignments, input sessions and assessment are the same. The certificate does not state whether the course was taken online or faceto-face.

Who can enter a CELTA class?

• Candidates must be 18 years of age, or older
• Candidates must have passed their high school / GED / Higher level of education, in order to understand the concepts.
• Proficiency level of C1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR C1)

Is there an exam at the end?

No, there is no exam.

What is the difference between full-time CELTA part-time CELTA?

All CELTA Courses are composed of 120 hours of training.
• Doing a part time CELTA can allow the trainee more time to study the material and learn the content.
• Full-time CELTA is more intensive, and some people do better under pressure.
• Full-time CELTA can be done in a month long course, during the holidays, or when one has available time. This allows trainees to take off from work and enroll in a course.
• A one month course is also easy to do if one has to acquire a visa to visit a foreign country.

What is the difference between online CELTA vs face-to-face onsite CELTA?

The online courses are the same as the onsite courses. One must be able to use a computer, to surf the web, to understand how to log in, and how to read a website. If you know how to use FaceBook, you will be able to use the CELTA webpage.

Where can I be assessed? Where can I take the exam?

There is no exam to be taken at the end of the course. Candidates are assessed throughout the course.

Where can I find the syllabus?

Visit this PDF to read more about the assessment, directly from Cambridge English https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/21816-celta-syllbus.pdf

Where can I attend a CELTA course?

CELTA course must be conducted with Cambridge English Approved Centers. CELTA World offers many Cambridge English approved testing centers around the world.

What are the benefits of enrolling in an online CELTA course versus an onsite CELTA course?

• Online courses offer a lot more flexibility.
• Online courses must be completed within one academic year, giving candidates more time to thoroughly go through the content.
• Online courses can be done from home, remotely.

How can my online course encompass a practical element?

• Candidates can be observed teaching online classes, with a recording

How long does CELTA take to complete?

CELTA courses range from as quick as 10 weeks and up to one academic year. Face-to-face CELTA course occur within four weeks; Alternatively, candidates can opt to conduct the part-time option, which would occur over 16 weeks. The duration of how long a CELTA mcourse takes really depends on the particular options offered through CELTA World. Each center has different options.

What does the organization of the teaching practice look like?

CELTA teaching practice is divided into the following categories:
• What levels you taught.
• How many students (in teaching practice) you taught.
• The kinds of lessons did you taught (range lessons).
• The amount of lessons did you taught.
• The duration of the lessons you taught.
CELTA teacher training spans a total of 6 hours, covering at least eight occasions, with your peers observing.

Does my certificate differentiate between “online” or “onsite” CELTA?

No, the Cambridge English CELTA certificate does not list how one undertakes the CELTA. A CELTA is a certificate granted by Cambridge by Cambridge English approved centers and follow a rigorous approval process.

What are the topics covered in the CELTA assessment process?

According to Cambridge English the following topics are assessed as
follows. Candidates should refer to their center and Cambridge English
on assessments.
Source: “Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines”, (2019). CELTA Cambridge Assessment English.
Retrieved from https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/images/21816-celta-syllbus.pdf


How will you assess me?

Assessment is divided over 2 sections:
Teaching Practice (6 hours of observed teaching) Written assignments (4 assignments)

What is the CELTA grading system?

Pass, Pass B, Pass A, and Fail.

Do I need a language certificate to enroll?

No language certificate is needed for enrollment although candidates must be able to speak English.

Can I take time off to do some sightseeing?

With the exception of the part-time CELTA courses, CELTA generally tends to be an intensive undertaking, requiring one’s full dedication for one month.

Will I teach real students?

Teachers will teach students who volunteer their time.

What topics will I teach?

Trainees teach general English. Trainees are required to teach a variety of lesson types based on language systems (grammar and
vocabulary) and language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking).

Who selects and approves CELTA candidates?

Qualified CELTA tutors select and approve candidates. Candidates are required to do a pre-interview task and then a face-to-face or a Skype/Zoom interview.

What are deadlines for CELTA registration?

There is no specific deadline, however, the sooner a candidate registers the better. Each course has a quota and once the course reaches the specific number, a trainee will have to enroll in the following course.

What countries do celta@britishside.com trainees come from?

CELTA trainees come from many different countries.

What if don’t have any formal education in grammar?

CELTA Trainees often times feel they don’t have the necessary training in grammar. During a CELTA course trainees are taught how to approach properly teach grammar, along with the important terms.

What are the requirements to enter the CELTA Course?

English level needs to be high C1 or C2. Age needs to be 18 or more.

Do I need a laptop or a computer?

CELTA trainees do a lot of writing and lesson planning; using a laptop computer would be ideal but is not required or mandatory.

Do I have to attend every CELTA lesson?

CELTA trainees are required to attend 100% of all CELTA trainings.

Do you help me find a job after receiving my CELTA certificate?

CELTA qualified teachers are highly sought by many employers; your CELTA center will help guide CELTA trainees in drafting their CV and offer advice and direction on employment.

I’m not a native speaker of English. Can I teach English?

CELTA teachers should be at a CEFR level of C1 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ). Being a non-native speaker of English is not a barrier to attaining a CELTA; many CELTA trainees are non-native English speakers.

How much does the CELTA Course cost?

Celta Costs £1450 Pounds.

What payment methods do you accept?

British Side accepts all major credit cards & money transfer to IBAN.

Does British Side accept credit cards?

Credit Cards (VISA, MASTERCARD), Bank Transfer with IBAN/Swift.

Can I transfer my payment through international bank transfer?

Yes, you can. Please contact British Side’s to arrange a payment transfer; you will be provided with the school’s IBAN number and other important instructions.

Are there other fees?

Yes, the course includes a Cambridge English assessment fee of £156.00.

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